New Life Baptist Church of Chicago was founded in 1986 with the mission to provide basic needs, counseling, mentoring, and restoration to people who are less fortunate. We approach our mission with our faith and love in God.

New Life Baptist Church of Chicago is a small community with a large heart and determination. We believe everyone should have their basic needs met every single day. Our vision is that every person in the Roseland community on the south side of Chicago has their basic needs met every day and allow them to thrive through faith and love in God. 


In 1987, we moved into our current location, which used to be a large bible school building. We utilize our building to hold service and mission while convening volunteers from various parishes. Since 1987 we have operated our facility to provide emergency housing for women and children, after-school programming, and partnering with other churches and social service agencies. Additionally, we operate a homeless ministry under the leadership of CEO and Co-Pastor, Glines E. House.

Reverend Dr. Robert House Sr. is a Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of New Life Baptist Church of Chicago. Additionally, he is Chaplain at Roseland Community Hospital.